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Graze Madison, WI

If you haven’t been to Graze yet you should.  Tori Miller’s new restaurant right across from L’Etoile is worth the trip.  We ordered a few appetizers such as the Sassy Cow cheese curds, which were huge and tasty in a vodka batter. The sauce on the side wasn’t too exciting as what you see at the Old Fashioned but they were good. What caught my eye was the house pickles, which were a beautiful array of daikon, kimchee, butternut squash, beets and cucumber.  Order while the sun is still out and the colors will delight you!  See below.  My husband ordered the roasted bone marrow. I always love bone marrow and toasts. It was good but needed some salt. I wish it had a pile of pink Himalayan salt. It had a roasted beef marmalade on the side which was good but I think didn’t really make the dish.  Lastly for dinner I ordered the perch fish fry (since it was Friday) and my husband got the chicken and waffles (which he LOVED). I liked my perch but have had better. I was disappointed by the cole slaw, it was under seasoned and just OK. I am a cole slaw snob. All in all there were huge hits and huge misses here but I’d go back just for the house pickles.

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Ha Long Bay-Madison, WI

Nem Khao Tod-Our favorite dish

I have to say that Ha Long Bay is now our most favorite restaurant in Madison. The dishes are full of flavor and made with love. The chicken spring rolls and dumplings are homemade and simply delicious.  We are particularly in love with the Nem Khao Tod (menu item LS7). Nem Khao Tod is crispy rice with minced sour sausage, chicken, onion, cilantro, mint, lime juice, topped with peanuts.  It is nothing I’ve had before but I am now in love with. It looks simple but the flavors are complex and will surprise you! The other dish, we really like is the Vietnamese Crepe or Bahn Xeo. It’s only made on the weekend at Ha Long Bay since you have to baby it when you are making it.  But I highly recommend it if you go on the weekend. We’ve never had a bad meal here yet.  If I could eat here every day, I would.

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One year anniversary of the Wisconsin Protests

Wisconsin “Budget Repair Bill” Protest from Matt Wisniewski on Vimeo.

In honor of the one year anniversary of the start of the Wisconsin Protests, I wanted to repost this video.  To me, this video signifies what went on here in Wisconsin. I am still amazed by it and so proud to be a Wisconsinite!

I also encourage you to read John Nichols’ new book, “Uprising: How Wisconsin Renewed the Politics of Protest, from Madison to Wall Street“. It documents how the historic protests in Madison have impacted everyone across the US.  It also gives a great description of the spirit of the people of Wisconsin that is so clearly demonstrated in the movie I have embedded above.

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