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Bucky’s Butchery



If you haven’t visited Bucky’s Butchery on the UW-Madison campus you should.  The selection and choices are endless.  I especially like  that it is a teaching butchery and all proceeds got back to education, research and extension activities.  They sell every cut of meat and you can special order anything from a 1/2 of a cow to fresh lamb chops and pork sausage.  I also like that they have farm fresh eggs too.

The butchery is located in the  UW Meat Science and Muscle Biology Laboratory and is a part of the Meat Science program in the Department of Animal Sciences. The Meat Lab and Bucky’s Butchery is  operated by about 10-15 undergraduates. These undergraduates gain valuable  experience in many facets of the meat industry including cutting and processing meat as well as food safety, proper sanitation and product sales.

This past February they had a special offer for Valentine’s Day.  It was a heart-shaped dry aged rib eye!  I couldn’t pass this up as this would out do any other Valentine’s present I’ve ever given my husband.  It was hands amazing!  My husband couldn’t have been more excited to get a huge piece of heart-shaped beef!

Bucky’s Butchery is only open on Fridays from 11am-3pm!

Address: 1805 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706



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Salvatore’s Tomato Pies-Sun Prairie, WI

Farmer's market vegetable antipasto

Farmer’s market vegetable antipasto

If you haven’t been to Sal’s Pizza, you should. It’s probably the best and freshest pizza I’ve ever had in my life. And luckily it’s several blocks from my house.  Everything they use in their restaurant is farmed and raised within a short radius of the restaurant. It’s amazingly fresh. So fresh you can take the freshness of the milk in the cheese and the plumpness of the tomatoes in the sauce.  Take the vegetable antipasto above. It’s just overwhelmingly delicious and beautiful you thought they slaved days over the dish. Yet it’s literally right from the market that day with a little of Sal’s magic touches and pickling. The carrot pate in this antipasto is something you will not forget and also not really figure out how they did that so well. The burrata is also my favorite and it always sells out so come early to get this tasty bit of cheese heaven. They top their fresh made burrata with roasted garlic and place a side of warm, crispy bread.  And last but not least the pizza. It’s eye tearingly good. I think I cried a little the first time I tried their fig and bacon pie.  It comes with Cabernet poached mission figs, gorgonzola, balsamic reduction and bacon! It’s won a lot of awards and after your first bite you will know why too. The Fat Uncle Tony is also the best of meat on a pizza. All locally cured of course! I’m a real crust snob and this crust if perfectly crisp and chewy with a bit a char from the oven-as all good East Coast pizza’s should be. Overall, Sal’s is a must stop (if not many) for all visitors and residents of the Madison area. Tory Miller from our famed L’Etoile restaurant said that Sal’s is the best restaurant in the Madison area. I also agree!  I am pretty certain that these guys deserve a James Beard Award.

the burata

the burrata

one of the specials

one of Sal’s special pies

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Monty’s Blue Plate Maple Bacon Sundae

Monty’s Blue Plate diner is an iconic Madison restaurant specializing in vegetarian diner fare! Their wide variety of milkshakes and malts are also simply outstanding and delicious! Down deep my husband and I have a deep love for Monty’s as that is where we had our first date–I think it was the chocolate malt. We went back again the other night to celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday.  We quickly noticed a new sundae called the Maple Bacon Sundae. I knew my husband was going to order it so I just told him he had to.  It had Sassy Cow vanilla ice cream, maple syrup, pecans, and crisp bacon. And it was topped with a few squirts of whipped cream.  It was decadent and the Sassy Cow ice cream was good but the nuts were unnecessary. We tried to think of how you could rethink the sundae but we’ll have to experiment ourselves. All in all a good new addition to the menu.  Monty’s never seems to disappoint.

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