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Abu Dhabi Trip


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque-Abu Dhabi, UAE

I went to Abu Dhabi, UAE in December to give a seminar at NYU-Abu Dhabi.  These are photos from trip.  We toured the city and then did a desert safari and some dune bashing. It is an amazing beautiful city and country! I highly recommend a trip!


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Tiramisu, Si Italian Bistro & Bakery–Las Cruces, NM



I was in Las Cruces, NM for work and was taken to dinner at the Si Italian Bistro. Wow!  It was one of the best Italian restaurants I’ve ever gone to in the US.  It’s family owned and very delicious!  I highly recommend going there if you are ever in that area. I would have never thought that you could get great Italian in New Mexico, but I’ve been proved wrong!  Everything about our meal was amazing–risotto,  lasagna, eggplant pasta and tortellini.  They are known for their tiramisu so I had to try it as that is one of my favorite desserts of all time!  It did not disappoint–it had a perfect balance of coffee flavor and cocoa and was very delicious. The portion was so huge I think it was meant for 4 people! I especially liked the way they decorated my plate with the outline of forks in cocoa. All in all this place is amazing!  I will surely go back again!

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43 North-Madison, WI

the pork jowl

43 North is not for the adipose averse. Chef Justin Carlisle has produced a fun, refined and eclectic menu that will satiate the basest of bacon purists and keep the self-appointed foodies guessing.  Stay tuned for seasonal delights sure to tantalize the most discerning of palates.

We ordered the Chef’s tasting menu with wine pairing.  The pork jowl was just amazing and I loved the lobster bisque with tarragon marshmallow and lobster crackling.  We also had a lobster main course with leeks, yoghurt and black sesame cake. I called it lobster with brownies since the cake looked like brownies. It was good but not as good as the other two dishes. They also have a fish and vegetarian tasting menu. All of which we will have to try next time we go. We loved our dinner there and will go back!

the lobster bisque before the bisque

the lobster bisque with the bisque

lobster with brownies

chocolate cake, ganache with banana foam and orange essence

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