Rice Krispie Wedding Cake



If you want to surprise someone with a cake that looks amazing but really does not take much time–Try this 6-batch, 4-layer rice krispie cake!  Just follow the normal directions for making rice krispies and make about 6 batches. I used 4-tier cake pans (normally for a small wedding cake-The pans are 3-inches deep). Make sure you line the bottom of your pans with buttered parchment paper so you can get them out.  Press firmly with buttered hands to get nice edges. Once they are cool run a knife around the edges and each layer should pop out. Stack all 4 layers and decorate. I decorated with some jumbo bright polka dot sprinkles from Layer Cake Shop. If you have some left over, save them for yourself!-Yum

cool view from the top

cool view from the top

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