Monty’s Blue Plate Maple Bacon Sundae

Monty’s Blue Plate diner is an iconic Madison restaurant specializing in vegetarian diner fare! Their wide variety of milkshakes and malts are also simply outstanding and delicious! Down deep my husband and I have a deep love for Monty’s as that is where we had our first date–I think it was the chocolate malt. We went back again the other night to celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday.  We quickly noticed a new sundae called the Maple Bacon Sundae. I knew my husband was going to order it so I just told him he had to.  It had Sassy Cow vanilla ice cream, maple syrup, pecans, and crisp bacon. And it was topped with a few squirts of whipped cream.  It was decadent and the Sassy Cow ice cream was good but the nuts were unnecessary. We tried to think of how you could rethink the sundae but we’ll have to experiment ourselves. All in all a good new addition to the menu.  Monty’s never seems to disappoint.

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