Bob's best burger (aka the BBB)

mmm....Bob's best burger

As a Foodbuzz featured publisher we often get to demo foods from various companies throughout the year. Last week we received a giant box with various hamburger and brat buns to try from Nature’s Pride.  For this recipe we used the 100% Natural Premium Harvest Country White burger buns, which were really high quality and had an outstanding restaurant style taste to them.  My husband is just amazing at making sandwiches (he needs to open a sandwich shack on State Street) and this one was no different.

Season cube steak with Penzey’s Sandwich Sprinkle or salt and pepper.  Grill or fry the cube steak to preferred doneness.  Assemble the burgers as seen in the picture above.  Here’s our suggestion: bottom bun, cube steak, tomato, red onion, mushroom, lettuce (fold bunch in hand to make nice and crunchy), sliced pickles, mayonnaise and top bun. Of course you can do it the way you want but my husband always makes the best sandwiches, so I would follow his recommendation.


Burger with portobello mushroom

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